We transport things from A to B, magically.

Selling on social media? We’ve built something special for you. 


Our Purpose

Trade is an enabler for businesses and consumers, and everything in between. It creates commerce, connects opportunities, and births entrepreneurs and enterprises.

We are opening up our products, and infrastructure to make it easy for both the single merchant and the largest companies to transport things quickly, and painlessly. It should simply work, like magic.



What We Do

We are building a logistics infrastructure for the modern world that enables consumers and businesses to trade seamlessly and with speed and visibility.

Services :

  • Air Cargo
  • Door-to-door Service for SME
  • Fulfilment Services for eCommerce / Social Commerce Merchants

How to get started

Are you a freight forwarder interested in booking air cargo space on AirAsia directly?

Selling on Social Media? We have built something special just for you.

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Want to work with us?

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